Bruche is an 'Exciting' place to learn says Ofsted

10 Mar 23
The Seymour Drive school was described as 'an exciting place to learn', where pupils strive to 'achieve well' and was rated Good by education watchdog Ofsted.
Bruche Primary School Academy received an inspection in November with an extremely positive outcome to follow.

Three inspectors visited the setting and began the report by saying: “Pupils are proud to attend Bruche Primary School. They value being part of a happy and welcoming school community."

"Pupils spoke about the many things that they like about their school. These include supporting charities and the 'big questions' that they discuss each week"

Bruche, which is based in Paddington, was praised for its ‘exceptional’ range of activities provided to students including those with special educational needs.

The official report also highlighted the positive impact the schools link to a partner school in South Africa has had on its pupils.

An ‘ambitious’ curriculum is delivered by the setting according to the inspectors.

“Leaders have worked closely with the trust to design an ambitious curriculum. As a result of the well-constructed curriculum, most pupils develop a secure body of knowledge as they progress through the school. The curriculum in the early years is delivered effectively with a strong focus on securing early reading knowledge and number skills for future learning.

Reading is also a keen focus in the school for pupils in all year groups, with ‘inviting’ reading areas dotted across the school to encourage the practice of the skill.

“Leaders have placed a high priority on ensuring that pupils learn to read well. In key stage one, the books that pupils read match the sounds that they are learning. This helps them to become fluent readers.”

Inspectors observed the primary school to be a ‘calm and purposeful’ place for pupils to ‘learn effectively’.

“Pupils learn how to be tolerant and active citizens through their lessons and wider curriculum experiences. For example, pupils debate current events and news, such as the war in Ukraine and the Qatar World Cup."

“Staff are proud to work at the school. They value the opportunities that they have for professional development. Staff appreciate that leaders consider and support their well-being and workload.”