Welcome to Warrington Primary Academy Trust

Warrington Primary Academy Trust (WPAT) is a growing multi-academy trust currently consisting of eight primary schools, educating more than 2,300 children and employing over 300 staff. 

The trust was formed in 2016 – the first academy trust in Warrington – and quickly developed a national reputation for excellent standards.  

WPAT also includes a Department for Education behaviour hub and Generate Teaching Hub. WPAT provides staff at all of its schools with support, expertise and professional development so that they can provide the very best education standards for their children.

It’s my task as Trust CEO to make sure that our schools have all the resources, expertise, professional development and support they need in order to provide our children with the very best education standards. 

My other key responsibility is to help our schools meet the needs of every pupil and make sure that the Trust’s core values are at the heart of everything that we do, whilst at the same time preserving each school’s unique strengths and character. 

I have spent all of my education career dedicated to improving the life chances of children. I have always believed that the most effective way to do this is through excellent teaching delivered by a team of dedicated professionals with the highest expectations of children.

WPAT’s mission has been focused on this aim since we were established back in 2016 and it will always be so.

It’s an honour for me to work with our schools.