Guiding Principle & Core Values

"To deliver a first class education through partnership, innovation, school improvement and accountability."

The Guiding Principle covers both the underlying purpose of WPAT and how it will achieve its aim. The intention behind the Guiding Principle is that it guides the activities of our whole organisation including our schools, the decisions our staff make, how we communicate.

To find out more about WPAT’s aims, actions and outcomes, please take a look at the following:

  • Our Curriculum Statement and Curriculum on a Page - we believe there is much more to a first-class education than academic achievement alone.
  • Our School Improvement Strategy sets out the priority outcomes for pupils at each school and the actions the Trust is taking to achieve these.
  • Our 5 Year Strategy to know more about the priority workstreams the Trust has put in place in order to develop.
  • Our Business Plan sets out headline details about the business functions of the Trust.

Curriculum Statement

Curriculum on a Page

School Improvement Strategy 2023 - 2028

5 Year Strategy

Business Plan 2023

Core Values


Our three core values are essential to the life of our school community. Here they are set in order, starting with Children First. This indicates that all our actions, behaviour and decisions can be driven by a mind-set that everyone within Warrington Primary Academy Trust is working to raise the prospects and achievements of our children. Resilience comes from our determination and Pioneering demonstrates that we are confident to try new approaches if the potential rewards will deliver benefits for all our children.