Local Governing Committees & Headteachers


Our Headteachers are responsible for working with WPAT's governance to lead each member school. With the responsibility for the provision of all pupils and their outcomes, they oversee the daily functions of their school, managing people and resources. They are the key point of contact for any parents and local stakeholders and are managed by the trust's CEO.


Local Governing Committees

Every governor at WPAT has a hugely important role, pushing the organisation to be the best it can be to deliver high quality education and provide the best possible opportunities for all of our children. Local Governing Committees (LGCs) are key to ensuring that our objectives are met, and that planning for the future is both aspirational and realistic, delivering the scheme of delegation and strategic direction of the Trust.

With the support of our dedicated Governance Administrator, Chairs of LGCs and the Trust recruit individuals from all paths of life, from sources such as Inspiring Governance, Governors for Schools and our local community links. Every individual brings something unique to ensure we add diversity in all areas and we continue to learn together.

Each school recruits parent representation on LGCs from their student cohort whilst co-opted governors are selected based on a central recruitment process across all schools. The recruitment panels match the individuals expertise to the needs identified on each LGCs skills gap analysis, some governors choosing to work on two LGCs.

As governors invest their time with WPAT, we invest in our governors starting with a comprehensive induction programme through to supporting our volunteers long term aspirations in governorship. Our focus is to enable clear communications, ease of access to meetings and many training opportunities to empower everyone to be a valuable, well informed committee member. Talent spotting and succession planning are also key element of our development programme, ensuring that we encourage future vice chairs, chairs and progression onto the Trust Board.