Beamont Pupils March with Uniformed Emergency Heroes

18 Feb 23
School children from Beamont Primary School were treated to a morning with uniformed emergency service heroes, when they visited Peninsula Barracks.
Members of Cheshire Police, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Armed Forces descended upon Peninsula Barracks on Thursday morning, 16th February.

The uniformed heroes spoke to the Orford pupils about their vehicles and the work they do.

This is not the first event of its kind - last year, the event was hosted by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service on Loushers Lane.

Sergeant Lee McGuinness, of the 75 Engineer Regiment, said:

"It was very much the brainchild of the fire and rescue service, but we thought we could run a similar event here to engage with the children."

On show for the children to explore was a fire engine, a rescue boat, a military truck and a jeep.

As well as the vehicles, some of the children were allowed to try on military gear, including helmets, vests, rucksacks and even feel the weight of (unloaded!) army firearms.

Sgt McGuinness said: "It's all about showing off the different uniforms and engaging with the pupils. It went really well last year, so we thought why not do it here?!"

The children certainly enjoyed themselves. The event ended with a walk from the Peninsula Barracks back to Beamont, with some of the children partnering up with one of the uniformed service people.

The pupils were able to climb into the vehicles on show


Beamont pupils pictured with service people and vehicles at Peninsula Barracks

Beamont school children with the service people


Pupils climbing into a military truck at the Barracks

The pupils were able to climb into the vehicles on show


Children pictured holding unarmed firearms

Could there be soldiers among the ranks of Beamont's students?