Anti-Idling at Evelyn Street

31 Mar 23
Pupils at Evelyn Street Primary Academy & Nursery are taking part in the Anti-Idling Campaign, working in conjunction with Warrington Borough Council.

The purpose of the campaign is to increase awareness of air quality and the impact idling can have on it.

Idling is when a cars engine is left running, and it is a major source of pollution in the area. It has been said that for every minute that a car idles, enough harmful fumes to fill 150 balloons is sent into the air. Poor air affects everyone, but especially children who are still growing and developing. It can seriously aggrevate conditions such as asthma.

From 17th April, Mini Police Officers will be monitoring the situation and speaking to parents at drop off times to promote their work. They will be making recommendations to 'idlers' in order to protect the air quality in their community.

Thank you to Mrs Stott and our Mini Police Officers - photos coming soon!