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Pay Committee
  • Applies criteria set by schools to determine the pay of each member of staff at the annual review
  • Makes all key decisions in relation to staff pay following recommendations from the other committees
  • Governs whether sufficient funds are available to go ahead with recommendations by EHT, HT and HoS
  • Monitors development and advises the Trust Board when Pay Policies must be reviewed
  • Ensures the Trust Board is compliant with the Appraisal Regulations 2012
  • Works to achieve the aims of Pay Policies in a fair and equal manner
Resources Committee
  • Receives and considers MAT funding, assesses its implications for the Trust and its Academies and then draws any matters of concern to the attention of the Board
  • Considers and recommends the Trust's budgets - including those of the individual academies - at the start of each financial year, and also for any subsequent in-year budget changes
  • Ensures Trust expenditure and income are in line with agreed budgets
  • Receives and approves any applications for external funding and grants
  • Contributes to the Trust's development plan through consideration of financial priorities
Audit Committee
  • Reviews internal and external financial statements and reports to ensure that they reflect best practise of the Trust
  • Reviews risks to financial control of the Trust and establishes a programme of work to address these risks
  • Ensures the Trust is audited by an approved, registered Auditor
  • Discusses with the external Auditor the nature of each forthcoming audit to ensure that they receive full co-operation from the staff members
  • Considers all reports by Auditors, then makes appropriate recommendations to respond to their findings
Standards Committee
  • Ensures Local Governing Bodies undertake appropriate and effective scrutiny of the performance of each academy
  • Undertakes scrutiny of performance of particular groups of pupils
  • Reviews, recommends and reports Trust-wide school improvement and analyses the impact
  • Analyses the use of power of intervention in any of the academies
  • Makes appropriate comments on such and makes recommendations to the board

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