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What School Leaders Can Do To Build Better Inter-School Collaborations - PSM Magazine

Improving schools and bringing on the next generation of teachers and leaders aren’t the sorts of challenges that schools can tackle on their own, so it makes sense for different schools to share their knowledge and resources and work together on addressing them.

The government recognises this too, and has thus put collaboration at the centre of its new strategy for improving rates of recruitment and retention.

It has proposed reviewing the role of teaching schools and establishing new regional teaching school hubs, which will each work with between 200 and 300 schools on developing and delivering effective teacher training, CPD, leadership development and school-to-school support.

The proposals are due to be piloted from autumn, but this model of large-scale collaboration is already working well in some parts of the country, with the Outstanding Leaders Partnership (OLP) – a school-led nationwide organisation of MATs, teaching schools and other school groups – playing its part.

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