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Warrington Primary Academy Trust was the first multi-academy trust to form in Warrington and is delighted with the results of all of our pupils. Of particular note is Evelyn Street Primary School. We had 100% of year 6 pupils achieving age related expectations and the school has been ranked as the second best primary in the country (source: The Telegraph) for pupils achieving greatest depth (and highest scores) in reading, writing and maths. It is also the lead school of Warrington Teaching School Alliance, which works with and supports schools across the area, including providing high quality training for the next generation of teachers through their School Direct programme. These results are therefore beneficial for the whole town, as WPATs pioneering and child centred approach reaps national acclaim.

The fantastic results of all of our schools is a fitting acknowledgement of the excellent collaborative work through the Trust, Local Governing Bodies, CEO, Headteachers, staff, parents, pupils and community involved with the whole organisation last year and is a superb way to start the second year of the Multi Academy Trust. 


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