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Bruche Primary School receives Gold Level Mark

A WARRINGTON school which the pupils are ‘very proud of’ has been recognised for the importance placed on ‘pupil voices’.

Bruche Primary School children’s views about their school are constantly recorded by teachers and their feedback is used to improve learning and general school life.

A quality mark assessor visited the school in October and in their report highlighted the importance placed on pupil voice at the school, the children’s pride in their school and the focus on wellbeing and healthy lifestyles.

A gold level National Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Quality Mark was awarded to the school.

The assessor added: “The children are very proud of their school and were able to discuss the importance of British values and their understanding of democracy.

“They described their favourite learning opportunities with eloquence and confidence.

“I was told, ‘everyone likes it here.’

“Every child is a mental health ambassador, and the children understand the importance of healthy lifestyles.

“One child told me, ‘If you’re lucky, you might get to work here!’”

Executive head teacher Chris Jones said: “At Bruche SMSC is essential to the academic progress of our pupils.

“It doesn’t happen in isolation – it saturates through our school and is linked to everything we do, it is in our ethos and attitude.

“SMSC is the foundation of our well-planned learning, enabling children and all staff who work with them, to flourish.

“This award is a significant achievement for our children, staff, parents and governors.”


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