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To identify the character and culture of WPAT, we have formed an over-arching Guiding Principle, which unifies all our schools and demonstrates why and how we work for excellence.
"To deliver a first class education through partnership, innovation, school improvement and accountability"

Bespoke approaches are encouraged at Bruche and our best leaders are empowered to make high-quality decisions for rigorous, well-measured outcomes. Our strategy for a first class education starts from the premise that our leaders and teachers know what works best - they are trusted to unleash their creativity, innovation and up-to-date knowledge.

Our motto is ‘success, nothing less’ which we believe encompasses every aspect of school life.

Bruche works hard to stay above the curve of innovation and we are careful to study what works elsewhere. We follow the research and evidence, sharing with others best practise and provision. Different methods will be suited to different circumstances and any particular piece of innovation has the leading available evidence to support it. Our curriculum is delivered in a manner that encourages critical and creative thinking, through the use of problem solving, discussion and active engagement with the environment - in particular our current Chester Zoo conservation projects. Connections are made between the process of learning, what is actually learned and how children retrieve information.

Because the trust and CEO enables Bruche to have autonomy, there are demands on accountability across the school at every level. We are primarily accountable to our pupils, parents and governors, CEO and trust. Our teachers are held accountable for providing an outstanding school for all children, regardless of their background. There are high-quality standards that ensure our children receive the education they deserve and there are high-quality assessments to measure their progress toward the standards. Bruche has teachers, support staff and parents that work together to make sure our children thrive and receive the support they need to reach their full potential – everyone is accountable to ensuring this happens – and no child is left behind.

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Partnership working is an effective school improvement strategy which impacts directly upon school improvement priorities. Facilitating peer to peer reviews for our partner schools ensures a positive experience and develops our leaders in each of our schools. Our partnerships also help our schools to respond more quickly to new, innovative practice both nationally and internationally and keep pace with changes in education. For example, our senior leaders have visited South Africa, Spain and China and EYFS lead will be visiting Sweden in February 2019 to look at the strengths in teaching and learning.

We work for consistent improvement across all areas of Bruche in order to secure the very best outcomes for our children. The use of our School Improvement Cycle - an agreed timeline for the year - is critical to our school improvement strategy. The immediacy of our feedback to teachers and support staff is essential to them, improving their practise rapidly. Our main priority is to ensure that all of our children are being taught good and outstanding lessons at all times. We are supportive of other schools through Executive Headship roles, SLE deployment and through peer to peer reviews.


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